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CELTA testimonial

The CELTA course at IH-Lima was an eye-opener for me. My tutors were inspiring and motivating and demonstrated teaching methods both in front of English students and CELTA trainees. I did not have any teaching experience before starting the course, but now I feel confident standing in front of a class. My CELTA diploma has opened a lot of doors for me around the world; I immediately found a teaching job in Peru after graduating! I would definitely recommend the course.

Annelie de Graaf, CELTA graduate, February 2018

CELTA testimonial

I entered the IH Lima CELTA Course with no experience of teaching and left it with the confidence, knowledge and skills to become a full-time English Language Teacher. Thank you to IH Lima, the experienced and supportive course tutors for their feedback and guidance, and the enthusiastic and willing students who allowed me to practice on them! The CELTA course was four weeks of hard work, but at the same time incredibly rewarding - I cannot think of another time in my life when I have learned so much! I would recommend the CELTA at IH Lima - professional staff, well organised, challenging and enjoyable.

Andrew Alan Potts, CELTA graduate, February 2018

CELTA testimonial

After taking part in the February 2018 CELTA, I cannot recommend IH Lima enough! Firstly, I must credit the tutors as they really know what they are doing and it was a pleasure to watch them during the input sessions, the knowledge they have and the support given was endless. During the course everything seemed well organized, there were plenty of resources, great facilities in the school and great honest feedback from the tutors. I must say this course is not for the faint-hearted due to its intensity. However, it is well worth it as I gained so much knowledge during this short time which has helped kick start my teaching career.

James Hawksworth, CELTA graduate, February 2018

CELTA testimonial

I really didn't expect the course to be as enjoyable as it was. It was hard work but the instructors were very helpful and experienced and they quickly identified my weaknesses and helped me to be honest with myself and identify these for myself and then they educated me on how to improve these. I am happy to say that because of the CELTA course I now enjoy my work even more and I feel that I can offer my students a much better service.

Michael McDermott, CELTA graduate, July 2016

At the beginning I thought the journey would be really hard, however the constructive comments, the useful pieces of advice and the professional way of dealing with observations made me grow and feel engaged and highly motivated.
I know now I can easily handle how to develop materials just with a title, creativity was fostered at all times, and things to be improved were carefully pointed out.
I want to express my gratitude, this experience has been really awesome and unforgettable; I refreshed and updated my knowledge, furthermore I’ve realised how much I can still learn.
Input sessions were really helpful and provided us with a brilliant bunch of ideas which were necessary to accomplish our tasks.
There’s only one phrase that I can highlight – THANK YOU – so rewarding, practical and professional.

Karina Gutierrez, CELTA graduate, July 2016

Thank you for the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. This course has impacted my life as an English teacher, so I feel more confident and happy when teaching.

Nohely Lara, CELTA graduate, July 2016