Combine CELTA’s excellence with

AI advantages to develop your potential as an English teacher to speakers of other languages.

Master the teaching of the English language and learn to use AI tools to transform your approach to delivering lessons.

Discover the groundbreaking combination of CELTA + AI tools, exclusive to University Programmes (a part of International House).

What is the 
CELTA + Artificial Intelligence

This program combines the renowned CELTA certification, which focuses on teaching English as a foreign language, with advanced artificial intelligence
AI tools

Throughout the course, participants can expect to develop solid pedagogical skills through the CELTA certification, encompassing aspects such as effective lesson planning, teacher-student interaction, and the design of teaching resources.

AI tools
in the program equips future teachers with technological resources to expedite lesson planning, create innovative materials, and assess student progress.

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and transform your
passion for teaching English into
a global career.

Course objectives:

  • 1

    Boost your teaching skills
    Utilize the power of artificial intelligence to plan and deliver practical lessons. Master strategies to capture your students’ attention through dynamic sessions.

  • 2

    Design advanced teaching resources with AI.
    Design or adapt materials and activities that meet your students’ learning objectives.

  • 3

    Improve your student’s language skills
    Evaluate your student´s analytical and linguistic awareness skills through tests developed with AI.

  • 4

    Maintain appropriate teacher-student interaction
    Promote an inclusive and immersive learning environment. Acquire effective techniques for communication and class management.

  • 5

    Make learning easy
    Develop the skills to identify and solve common problems people face during their learning experience.