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"Language for Teaching" overview

The Language for Teaching courses have been designed for teachers who speak English as a second language. There are three Language for Teaching courses, all following an online and self-study format. These are: Language for Teaching A2, Language for Teaching B1 and Language for Teaching B2. There are two versions of each course, for teachers working in primary or secondary schools.

These aim to improve the classroom and professional English of teachers in order to provide them with the language skills they need to teach English with confidence. By the end of each Language for Teaching programme, teachers will have:

  • Improved their knowledge and understanding of the English language
  • Developed their own reading, writing, speaking and listening skills
  • Developed the ability to use English in the classroom and for other professional contexts
  • Become more fluent and confident in their use of English

Course content and structure

Each course has three modules:

  1. Language for the classroom
  2. Language for teacher-learner communication
  3. Language for the professional

Each module has two components:
General English (up to 100 hours, plus in-course assessment): teachers study the language they need in different contexts and learn to use English with greater fluency and confidence.
English for the Teacher (15 hours, plus in-course assessment): teachers study the language they need to manage learning and communicate effectively with other English language teachers in professional contexts.


Assessment of participants' performance takes place throughout their course with online multiple-choice progress tests.
After each Language for Teaching course, teachers do also have the opportunity to take a Cambridge English exam. The table below illustrates this.

Language for Teaching Course

Optional Cambridge English Test

Language for Teaching A2

Key English Test (KET)

Language for Teaching B1

Preliminary English Test (PET)

Language for Teaching B2

First Certificate in English (FCE)

Entry requirements

Minimum entry requirements by the Language for Teaching course are as follows:

  • Language for Teaching A2 Course: CEFR Level A1
  • Language for Teaching B1 Course: CEFR Level A2
  • Language for Teaching B2 Course: CEFR Level B1


Cambridge Language for Teaching Certificate of completion.

Course fees

Course fees are USD $ 240 per participant.

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