International recognition

Studies that boost your professional development

Possibility to study and work anywhere in the world

What is BTEC?

BTECs (Business and Technology Education Council) are vocational diplomas that certify competences and skills in different areas internationally.

International Diploma in Travel and Tourism

International Diploma in Work Competences

They are accompanied by high quality internships where you work on projects based on real-life scenarios to develop the practical knowledge and skills that companies are looking for today.

Why take the BTEC diploma courses?

They give you an international recognition that allows academic and labour mobility.

They help you develop a great career.

They allow you to study and work all over the world, regardless of your level of education.




Learning for the real world

More than 1 million students register for our programmes each year in over 70 countries around the world

Our programmes are recognised by major international companies.

Frequently asked questions

Once you have your BTEC, you will be better prepared to get a job in your chosen sector or continue your studies. It will also give you more tools to move up the career ladder.

BTEC programmes

The BTECs are made up of areas that correspond to real world sectors, such as: Travel, Tourism, Job skills, among others.

At the end of your International Diploma you get a double certificate: Pearson International Certificate and International House Certificate.